career COaching



Doubt is the origin of wisdom.


René Descartes


Career coaching


Your job and career are meaningful to you, but things may not have been going so well. You might feel stuck in your job, finding it difficult to get a grip on things. What should your next step be? In my vast conviction everyone has strong qualities and therefore the key to open doors to new solutions. What I need from you is dedication to your cause and an ability to look openly and honestly at your questions. We can meet every two weeks at my practice in Best for 1,5 hours, or make other arrangements that suit your needs.


Common questions or topics are:


  • Self fulfillment
  • Knowing more about your qualities, interests and pitfalls.
  • Choosing anew
  • Setting boundaries and assertiveness
  • Fresh communication material for the labour market: convincing letter, CV, linkedIn profile, good picture and all of this highlighting your qualities in the best way (personal branding).
  • Practizing the job interview or network meeting and how to leave a lasting impression.






There can be good reasons for E-coaching over personal coaching. Some people express themselves better on paper. Or may be the distance to my practice in Best is too great. For numerous reasons it might be more convenient to have e-coaching sessions. You can crawl behind the computer at any time that suits you and at the end of our sessions you have a booklet about your coaching sessions. As coach and communication specialist with around 30 years of professional experience with text writing, I am well capable of analyzing your questions and writing and giving you clear feedback on what I read and see.


Feel free to try either way of coaching to see what suits you best!







           Anita Neijzen