The mind is like water.

When it is turbulent, it is difficult to see.

When it is calm, everything becomes clear.





Out of balance


When life has become challenging it can cost you a lot of energy, making it difficult for you to reach your objectives. May be you are feeling down or tired. I am not a therapist, but I am a counselling coach. I can guide you to renewed energy and a better balance. I work according to a well-established method with a clear programme.


Mourning and Loss


 Feelings of loss carve deeply into a life. Being able to take your time to experience what you are feeling is essential for your recovery. No judgement, no pressure. I followed a two-year training programme on mourning and bereavement to be able to coach you in this process of loss. All that is of value and that you lose will cause grief. Be it a loss of job, perspective, health, loved ones or what else you might think of. When your loss is mourned and finds a place in your life, it is easier to carry with you. In our meetings we will have ample time to address everything that needs to be said.





           Anita Neijzen